The Ferris Wheel and Some Interesting Facts.

Origination of Ferris Wheel?

History of the Ferris Wheel

Early History

Somers’ Wheel

The Original Ferris wheel

About the Original Ferris wheel

Variations of the Ferris Wheel

Motorised Capsules

  • The first one is the High Roller, which is the world tallest Ferris wheel since March 2014. It stands at an astounding 167.6 cm. Furthermore, it contains externally mounted motorised capsules of a transparent spherical design.
  • The next one is the Singapore Flyer which has cylindrical externally mounted motorised capsules. It is 165 m or 541 ft high.
  • London eye is another motorised capsule Ferris wheel. It is 135 m or 443 ft and has ovoidal externally mounted capsules. It is the “world’s highest cantilevered observation wheel”.
  • Lastly, is the 120 m high Melbourne Star in Australia which also has ovoidal externally mounted capsules. It is the only observation wheel in the southern hemisphere”

Centreless wheels




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Mukesh Yadav

Mukesh Yadav

Love to do things

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