How to Breathe Correctly?

Mukesh Yadav
2 min readMay 31, 2022

Although breathing is an unconscious action, many people do not breathe correctly. Read on for some tips to learn how to breathe correctly.

Breathing is mostly an unconscious activity. However, there are, several effective techniques to help you breathe better, relax, and reduce stress. This article investigates what occurs within your body when you breathe. It also includes some suggestions and breathing exercises to improve lung capacity, and as a result, help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Good Breathing

What Happens When You Breathe?

Breathing, also known as respiration, is a complicated process of air exchange. The following body parts are primarily involved in the process:

The Lungs

These are two spongy organs located on either side of the chest. When a person breathes in, their lungs expand, and when they breathe out, their lungs constrict. Each lung is enclosed within a thin membrane called the pleura, which protects the lung and allows it to move while breathing.

The Diaphragm

This is a narrow muscle found underneath the lungs and above the abdominal cavity. Its up-and-down movement aids in the contraction and expansion of the lungs.

The Intercostal Muscles

Located between the ribs, these muscles, aid breathing by helping the chest cavity expand and contract.

The Process of Breathing

While breathing, the lungs, diaphragm, and intercostal muscles work together.

Breathing In

While breathing in, the diaphragm contracts and slides down. This in turn allows the chest cavity to expand, enabling the lungs to inflate and fill with air. As your lungs expand, warm and wet air enters your nose or mouth. It then makes its way down your windpipe, then to your bronchial tubes (which connect your windpipe to your lungs). When air enters your lungs, it travels to the alveoli (air sacs), where oxygen is released into your bloodstream.

For a more detailed explanation, you may watch the video linked below.

What Happens When You Breathe?

Breathing Out

While breathing out, the diaphragm relaxes, lowering the amount of space in the chest cavity. As a result, the lungs collapse and expel the air through your nose or mouth.

Although breathing is a natural action, several people tend to breathe incor

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