Brain Games For Kids Of All Ages

Do Brain Games Work?

Just as athletes build their strength as muscles by repeatedly exercising certain it, targeted repetition of memory exercises may be the key to strengthening and conditioning memory processes. There is plenty of similar evidence that suggests that carefully formulated exercises can improve basic cognitive skills. However, at the same time, many people do not believe in its validity. If brain training works, it holds tremendous potential to help people with brain impairments such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

Benefits of Exercising the Brain

Helps with Memory

Improving memory is the biggest benefit of brain games. These games are designed to test memory and the challenges targeted at enhancing something that can deteriorate with age. Memory brain games help improve decision making, short-term memory as well as reaction time.

Reduces Risk for Dementia or Alzheimer’s

In 2015, studies showed that brain training games can improve reasoning and verbal learning. Furthermore, the study found that the changes were most apparent in people who played brainy games at least 5 times a week.

Improved Attention Span

Another advantage of brain training games is that their focus is on improving your attention span. This is a skill that is essential both in your private as well as professional life.

Increased Reaction Time

Brain games also help you improve your reaction time. Using timed challenges and quick-fire rounds, brain games can test your attention, speed and ability to react accurately and quickly. This may not carry across in physical situations, but is quite useful when it comes to making decisions more efficiently.

Mental Agility

Brain training games also test your mental agility. This includes problem-solving skills which is the ability to think critically, and solve challenges efficiently. Improving mental agility is something everyone can benefit from.

How can you train your brain?

Brain fitness programs and games are some of the best ways to train your brain. Games like Suduko, crosswords as well as other electronic games can all help improve your brain’s activity. Such games rely on word skills, logic, math etc.

Best brain games for toddlers

Brain games are very important for children under the age of 5. Such games help young children learn valuable life lessons and thus become better learners. These life skills are also known as Executive Function Skills. These include,

Building Blocks


Puzzles help develop all kinds of skills. From hand-eye coordination to logical reasoning, it covers all the important skills your child should know. Furthermore, the biggest benefit is the confidence boost that comes from completing the puzzle which in turn leads to better self-esteem and discourages procrastination. Puzzles is a game you should have your kids play early on as older kids tend to ignore it for more exuberant digital games.

Memory Cards

Word Hunt

Find the Thing

All you need for this game are some flashcards and objects that match. This is a fun way to introduce your toddler to the environment be it the park, your home or the school. For example, you show your child an image of a bar in the flashcard and ask them to locate it for you. The game also helps teach children the right pronunciation of words, object recognition and cognitive development. If you do not have flashcards, you can ask them to find 3 or 4 blue items instead. To up the difficulty, give your toddlers a time limit.



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