50 Difficult English Words and their Meanings

50 Difficult English Words and their Meanings

Words Beginning from A

  • Ascetic — avoiding physical pleasures because of religious reasons
  • Abnegation — an action made to reject someone or something
  • Archetypal — someone having all the qualities of a particular type of lifestyle
  • Aggrandize — adding to the power or wealth of an individual or country
  • Anachronistic — placing someone or something chronologically wrong
  • Alacrity — having great willingness and eagerness for something

Words Beginning from B

  • Beguile — charm in a deceptive way
  • Blandishment — statement for gently pleasuring someone

Words Beginning from C

  • Convivial — friendly character
  • Cajole — persuading someone with your nice behaviour
  • Construe — understanding something
  • Callous — not caring about others
  • Camaraderie — the mutual feeling of trust
  • Circumlocution — expressing something in a long way
  • Clamour — demanding something
  • Cognizant — being aware

Words Beginning from D

  • Demagogue — a political leader will manipulate skills
  • Denigrate — unfair criticism
  • Didactic — teaching moral lesson
  • Disparate — people or things with different qualities together

Words Beginning from E

  • Eclectic — generating ideas
  • Egregious — bad and shocking in a huge way
  • Embezzlement — to steal
  • Enervate — feeling out of energy
  • Ephemeral — lasting for a short period
  • Equanimity — a very calm state of mind

Words Beginning from F

  • Fatuous — something pointless

Words Beginning from G

  • Gratuitous — anything that has some harmful effect

Words Beginning from I

  • Iconoclast — any statue
  • Idiosyncratic — something unusual
  • Incumbent — a person with an official position
  • Inveterate — having a habit for a long time




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